Creating Change one Leader at a Time.


Corporate Training

TBS staff creates training plans, delivers programs of instructions, and facilitates training events.

Military Research Consulting

Military subject matter experts connected to the military and veteran population through our well-connected and experienced workforce.

Content Creation

Experienced and published writers, authors and editors who prepare copy for print and digital publication. We create straetgies and roadmaps for change.

Web Design/Hosting

Specialize in web design, hosting and facilitation. We are a social media integrator who creates strategies in how to best use digital collaboration tools.

Online Marketing

Prepare web-based marketing solutions using analytics-based decisions for search engine optimization. Marketing tool management applications for client relations.
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Our Core Capabilities

Topsarge Business Solutions (TBS) is a service-disabled, veteran-owned firm that provides professional services to clients who provide services or benefits to the military and veteran community. We do that by using our subject matter expertise in change management, professional development, training and coaching, writing and editing, and general business services. TBS is a uniquely qualified firm with access to military talent that have a reputation for quality that focuses on managing projects with pride. We use best-practices that combine our award winning techniques in helping organizations grow and manage change through the proper use and employment of people.

Latest News

For Immediate Release For more information, contact: Rose Thayer, Director of Communications Topsarge Business Solutions (254) 853-4410 TBS now a Wiley Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner Topsarge Business Solutions (TBS) is proud to announce it is now a Wiley Everything DiSC authorized partner. Already a leader in corporate training and communication, this partnership sets TBS […]


Beyond the ability to delegate tasks and inspire others to work hard, an effective leader can cope and thrive under pressure. Stressful situations are unavoidable in any line of work and leaders are the most likely to take the heat. These circumstances are when effective leadership is most necessary to get the wheels turning because […]


Life Skills for Couples Our Building a Strong Family™ is our proprietary life skills training program that was designed to imbue couples with the skills needed to overcome adversity, bounce back from trauma, and better handle stress. Using our concepts first developed in 2009, our Life Skills training was developed to complement and support the U.S. Army’s Master Resiliency Training […]