CenTex Web Design now a Constant Contact Solution Provider

You may or may not know that Topsarge Business Solutions spun off this year and shed our web design and hosting arm, they are separate but rest assured we still offer our low-cost web services and hosting. We support a number of Bell County businesses and not-for-profits by providing low cost websites and hosting…our customers […]


Create a Privacy Policy for your Website

It is that time again to review our privacy policy, here are a few of our tips, and an example privacy policy. According to guest blogger Johnathan L. Ezor in a Bloomberg Business blog post stated that, “One of the biggest concerns among visitors to Web sites is how their personal information is going to […]

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TBSvet builds web presence for ABP Consulting

ABP Consulting, LLC is a Northern Virginia-based consulting firm that provides full-range Business Development and Proposal Management services to customers seeking expansion in the Federal, State, Local, or Commercial markets. We offer our clients personalized services by partnering with their Business Development organizations to market their services to federal agencies; develop actionable pipelines; identify and […]

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Creating a new Website Personality

Looking for a Website Personality I was looking for and integrated smartphones, free downloadable apps, a monetized search feature, and optimize for Google Adsense placement. I early on considered integrating Google Analytics, as well as ensuring my code was tight, took in to consideration SEO and w3C compliance, as well as using some of the tips I have […]


Quickly deleting a cached Google link

Funny signWe here at Topsarge are doing some repair work on a site that had what was believed to be a protected area that wasn’t, and sensitive data was crawled and reported by Google in search results. Getting the document offline is the simple part, but Google has a memory with its cache and quick view features that could leave your document available for viewing for days or weeks before Google crawls your site again and cleans up the links. Here are some tips that may help you prevent that type of problem, or what you can do when it has happened and you are trying to pull it back in a timely manner.

First off, one of the challenges of establishing a new website is the matter of getting the word out as fast as possible. I usually find myself submitting new sites to a variety of crawlers, spiders and search engines to improve the likelihood of it being found, and of course none is quite as big as Google. So, ensuring the right placement using the proper search engine optimization (SEO) tactics is usually high on my list, and restricting crawlers and bots is not always high on the new site owners list. And, if you start off small with a few pages and then grown, you have to continue to assess what you need to protect, and how. In this case a misconfigured module restricted access due to login/password combination, but allowed a directory to be crawled without requiring credentials. From there is where our triage and actions began.

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