A Passion Continued

Topsarge was a a persona created in 1991 which blended a passion for solutions with a long-term desire to offer unique networked services to niche audiences. In 2008 Topsarge Business Solutions was formed as the idea grew into a full-time effort and in 2010 we begin offering our services exclusively to customers.

We serve people and organizations seeking methods to reach the Federal Government and Miltary as a customer while providing best-practice solutions using a People-Processes-Technology approach. Topsarge…get to know us and our diverse and multifaceted Departments.

Our History:

Founded in 1991 as a military oriented Bulletin Board Service (BBS) for soldiers, Topsarge manages some of the longest continuously operating internet presences for military members in existence today. We began to offer a a line of computer software specifically for soldiers in 1994 and established our first World Wide Web site in 1997. In 2010 we expanded our full-time capabilities and we began offering our services independently to the public and private sectors, in business and government. Ask us for details.

Our founder, Command Sergeant Major Dan Elder, US Army, Retired, has been called an early adopter and a warrior-scholar and he is a proven innovator and award-winning pioneer in online Community development and Knowledge Management solutions. Bringing those talents to both the the public and private sectors, Topsarge Business Solutions rates among some of the long-time architects of successful online collaborative communities. Whether it is creating new knowledge, transferring experience across an enterprise, or developing a Social Media strategy, TBS can lead these efforts. As new markets emerge and opportunities expand, you want Topsarge in your corner.

Nice To Meet You

Welcome to our combined Feedback and Contact Us page, do not be alarmed if you were redirected here from one of our other sites. Whether asking a question, submitting a Request for Proposal, building a website, or you are one of our long time users, your feedback is important to us.

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